Digital Marketing Development & Management


Web Site Development & SEO Optimization

Allow IMAS Consulting to embrace your companies culture; Your mission, your vision & your message to design a visually appealing, responsive and mobile friendly corporate website. Our experienced Web & Graphic Designers will design the website to provide easy navigation and implement an effective use of call to actions. The objective is to help engage existing & potential clients, and give them an interactive experience.

Utilizing our experienced content writers to compose dynamic and captivating content for the website with embedded call to actions throughout to compel and impress existing & potential clients. Overall, the corporate website will be effective; aesthetically beautiful, easy to use, will help convey the right messaging to existing and potential clients; and will reinforce the confidence in the brand.

(SMO) Social Media Optimization is a great method to improve your online visibility to potential & existing customers, and website traffic. Allow IMAS to create and set up top accounts with high (PR) social media profiles for your business today. We will use a dynamic combination of the most effective (popular) social media tools to create interest in your brand/product line. Our experienced community managers can not only setup and optimize your accounts, but will also help manage your social media accounts using the latest tools and insight. And our experienced social media content managers will help with your social media monitoring and community management.

Social Media Advertising; Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google, Advertising and Banner Ads

It’s no secret that the use of video in content marketing is on the rise. And, it’s certainly not a tactic to be taken lightly. In fact, YouTube is now the second largest search engine on the web and while video marketing is frequently an afterthought, its value demands a front-runner position in your content marketing plan.

Digital 2D & 3D videos are perfect tools for attracting visitors to the site, relaying the message to them about the key benefits of the company’s objectives and clarifying your brand. Add value to your Site with Digital Media that for many reasons improves the experience of the visitors to you sites.

Brand engineering & development


Logo + Brand Creation

Our team of brand engineers and graphic designers can produce iconic logos, emblems and avatars that will best convey your mission and vision. IMAS will provide simple yet unique solutions for your business to achieve its need for effective brand recognition for all of its products and services.

Creating the right brand that is different yet varies based on it's form can bring big dividends in the brands value. We value the importance of providing the full visual position created by IMAS branding to promote yourself and help other define you.

You can trust IMAS consulting to handle all of the digital files related to your company’s image. Our staff will manage the development, production and distribution of your promotional products.

We can also help you secure innovative strategic co-brand and cross-promotional opportunities with credibleauthorities with similar goals. From your branded apparel and accessories, to key chains and mugs, we will ensure continuity and cohesiveness of your message follows your marketing plan and Strategy.

IMAS has an established network of reliable print media sources that can produce and deliver your companies printed stock requirements anywhere in Canada. These print resources can also produce a wide range mixed media, such as vinyl decals, banners, stickers and signs for various applications in your corporate identity strategy.

Our in-house Provisioning experts can assist your Direct Marketing Department in creating effective distribution plans to ensure your materials and its messages garner the necessary impressions.

Strategic Planning & Consultation


IMAS offers Sound strategic planning that will guide your presence in the marketplace by focusing resources on the channels and methods that best communicate with your customers where, when and how they prefer. To really get to know your target market, we conduct a great deal of extensive research. We focus on the product and services of each industry to meet indivdual needs of the different segments of the market. Consistent marketing messaging create a more efficient company.

Research and Marketing trends can change with new technology, current events or circumstances within the industry. IMAS consultants can be tasked to continuously research the industries and markets relevant to your business. To mitigate this inherent volatility ensuring that the marketing strategy is current effective and progressively evolves with , as and effectively produce and attractive return on investment. Harnessing the power of big data using the latest tools and analytics to drive the business forward.

Maximizing profit potential, broadcasting your company’s desired message, or just generally growing your business, are easier when planned and managed correctly from a centralized structure. Collaborating with your marketing team to combine all of your company’s short term targets, budgets and resources into a series of comprehensive campaigns. And when executed are the specific steps that will bring your organization closer to achieving its broader, long term strategic goals.

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